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A Resident Is Trying To Drum Up Business For His Sister’s Struggling Garhoud Flower Shop In The Sweetest Way

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If you’ve ever been part of a start-up business, you’ll know it’s not always plain sailing.

For the most part, it’s blood, sweat and tears coupled with facing the unknown; turning your passion project (whether it’s homemade burgers, sandwiches or, in this case, flowers) into a tangible business.

But it must be particularly heartbreaking to put your heart, soul, time, money, sweat and tears into your passion, and then to not reap the rewards.

Hard work doesn’t equal footfall, according to this post

This man’s sister opened a flower shop in Garhoud. ‘Blushing Bird’ looks chic from the outside with adorable pink themed interiors and judging from the post, the store’s ‘gram game is also on point.

Until now, it’s not paying off

“guys my sister opened a flower boutique in Garhoud, Dubai and it’s been quite a while now, she’s been working really hard giving all her best and it has been tough. If you could please help out a friend and rt this?? I really wanna cheer her up about it Thank you”

You’ll find this gorgeous flower store in Garhoud

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The post is gaining traction with over 800 retweets since it went live on Wednesday

With many giving positive endorsements to the store

Cynics might suggest this is a marketing ploy, but we reckon this is the real thing

RT here, (OR GO BUY FLOWERS HERE) to show your support to the small business owner.

Most importantly, look how unique these bouquets are!

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