What happened when this cleaner found a bag containing AED 100,000?

It was left in a prayer room in Dubai Festival City Mall

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What would you do if you found a bag full of cash...like serious cash...try AED 100,000 for size. Come on, you'd at least think about keeping it, for a few minutes even?

Well, that's exactly what happened to a cleaner working at Dubai Festival City Mall, he came across the cash in a prayer room at the mall...and he didn't think twice about handing the money in. The money was returned to the owner.

And it would seem that the cleaner in question's honesty has paid off. Nisham Kunnath Valappil, 31, was rewarded with a cash bonus, a plane ticket home and an extra seven days holiday by Transguard, a security services company, after he received the company’s “Star of the Year" award.

The runner-up award went to Muhammed Samar Shaheen, a loader at Dubai International Airport, who also found a substantial amount of money. He received a trophy and a cash bonus.

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