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An Awesome Hashtag Encouraging Women To Ask Men Out Was Trending On Twitter And The Results Are Magical

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Modern dating is far from what it used to be but there’s one tradition we can’t seem to shake- the expectation that men should be the ones to ask women out.

Blogger Oloni proposed a challenge to her female Twitter followers to ask their crushes out instead through a hashtag #datechallenge

Her followers were up for the challenge

The not-so-surprising result of the dating challenge? Most of the women’s crushes were totally down to go on a date: 

Of course, not every date proposal went as planned…


“Never doing this again”

Some (rejections) were to the point

Some guys had already heard about the challenge

While some knew better…

And then there were the guys who were waiting for a message and never got one…

Either way, probably the moral of the story is that dating is confusing and whenever we can make it simpler, we should!

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