7 Reasons Why Peeps Love Driving To This Mini Island In Fujairah And Why You Should Too

Snoopy Island

This tiny gem tucked away in Fujairah has been a favorite mini getaway for Dubai-ers, mainly due to its incredibly clear coral reefs AND super chill vibe.

Anyone looking to get in a bit of quiet time, get in touch with nature or simply just see something different- need not look elsewhere.

Snoopy Island is one to check out, at least once, while you're in the UAE and here are a couple reasons why:

1. It's only a two-hour (ish) drive from Dubai

Road-trippers will have a BLAST.

2. There's an adorable beach resort right by Snoopy

Hotel room rates at the comfortable at Sandy Beach Hotel, where rooms start at AED600+ depending on type and availability.

Other hotels are in the vicinity too, but this one's closer, in proximity to Snoopy Island.

3. Beach bars are also available at the ready

Snoopy has its very own beach bar called the Snoopy Beach Bar, where you and mates can grab some driiinks and chill out to some tunes.

Bali or UAE, who knows?

4. Peeps love getting their yoga or kayak on

...away from the big city's hustle and bustle.

A staycation of sorts, if you will.

5. Snorkelers and deep sea divers will LOVE the vibrancy of Fujairah's coral reefs

Getting up close and personal with the fishies and seeing how untapped the underwater life is- is an experience all on its own.

Professional to beginner divers can give it a go, or stick to snorkelling and still get a similar experience.

There are many centres offering diving and snorkelling in Fujairah, like this one that you can book ahead before reaching.

6. VIBES: There's usually incredible fire shows (among other entertainment) by the shore

Nothing like a romantic nighttime, seaside fun during the weekends.

Or weekdays, if you're trynna rebel against the system.

7. Camp under Fujairah's glorious moonlit skies

...and revel in the beauty of the stars.

Written By

Shereen Ahmed

A heavily caffeinated 24-year old writer and blogger. Shereen enjoys traveling, attempting yoga poses and getting bullied by her Persian cat.