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7 Characters We All See In The Mall That Will Probably Cause Havoc During DSF

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It’s shopping season, and so the malls are filling with people, looking for a fab bargain.

With up to 90% off on prices, all kinds of characters are going to be hitting the malls, thanks to Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) which is on now until February 2.

Here are some of the people you’ll see in the malls this coming six weeks.

1. The shopping sprinters

They are at the door when the stores open, they rush in, push everyone out of the way, grab their stuff – they know what they want and they do NOT mess around.

2. The huge family

They brought Mum, Dad, Auntie, Gran, the nanny, seven kids, the kids’ friends and the pet dog, and they’re taking over the store. The kids are usually the ones running around screaming and climbing on stuff.

3. The deliberator

The one who stands in the same place for about an hour, looking at two things…and of course, is standing right in the way of the stuff you want to check out…

“U ok bro?”

4. The mess maker

You know the one, they leave a trail of destruction, pulling things off the racks and leaving them on the floor.

Then they go to the change room with 75 things, and leave them all in a heap in stall. You’ll usually see them as you trip over the 45th pair of shoes they’re trying on.

5. The competition entrant/addict

Gold bars, cars, holidays away, they want to win ALL the stuff that the malls are giving away and they’ll stop at NOTHING to enter the comps.. whether it’s hold up the huge queue to fill out a form, trek across the entire mall to find the entry box, or wait for hours for the announcement of the winner, they’re there.

6. The in-and-out one

No messing around for this one, they want to get there, get those school shoes and get the heck outta the store.

Head down, charging through the mall, they’re not stopping for anything or browsing anything.

7. The dutiful partner waiting outside

You’ll see them dotted outside the stores, and inside on chairs, patiently waiting for their partners to finish shopping. They’re just here to carry the bags though, let’s be honest.

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