The 10 Year Challenge Has Gone Viral And Here Are 7 Dubai Gram Accounts That Nailed It

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You've been living under a rock, (or just not been checking Instagram) if you haven't seen the #10yearchallenge.

Internet feeds are chock-a-block full with the trend, which gives people the chance to share then-and-now pictures of themselves, one a decade old and the other relatively recent. And the results vary, from adorable younger shots, to incredible transformations, here are the best ones so far from the people of Dubai.

Dany Neville​ ​- 10 years and one amazing transformation

Kris Fade's 'legit' growth

Dubai's evolution - always a showstopper

Priti Malik, she looks so young!

Gordon Ramsay, practically a resident at this stage, right?

Sheena Kay - we ALL have those younger party pics

While a Dubai Princess used the viral trend to highlight the growing concerns of global warming

HH Latifah bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared the following snap with the caption ,"The 10yr challenge that actually matters!' - truth.

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