10 Reasons Dubai International Airport Is Just The Best

Apart from ALL the awards

Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport has won many accolades, including most recently, 

And there's good reason it's such a loved airport. 

Not only is it hugely busy for passenger traffic, it's also a favourite of world travellers thanks to its facilities, slick layout and plentiful F&B offerings. 

Here are 10 reasons everyone loves Dubai International Airport. 

1. It's home to Emirates 

It makes sense, the national pride of Emirates, and its home being in the airport. Both brands have established themselves firmly in the global eye as prestigious travel operators, and so the partnership just makes sense. 

Plus, Emirates in Terminal 3 means it has slick operations and easy-to-find facilities.  

2. It has the fastest wifi in the WORLD 

Aptly called 'Wow-fi', DXB won awards for its fast wifi, with an average download speed of 39.50 mbps - making it number one in the world. 

Dxb Wifi

3. Smart Gates mean residents can pass through seamlessly

Don'tcha just LOVE not queuing for immigration? Enjoy the smug-factor while transiting, skipping the queues, with the easy-to-use smart gates. Residents can use their Emirates ID to pass through, skipping long lines, and meaning you don't have to get your passport stamped (saving those valuable pages). 

4. You can stream FREE tv shows

Thanks to a collaboration between ICFlix and Dubai Airports, travellers can stream their fave tv shows within the airport for FREE. 

So you'll be entertained for hours. 

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5. It has its very own zen garden 

Not many airports can boast this! You can unwind by the gorgeous zen garden...or get an awesome photo for Instagram! 

6. The food offerings are outta this world

Considering DXB has one of only two Pret A Mangers in Dubai, Wolfgang Puck's 'The Kitchen', Dubai favourite - Le Pain Quotiden, Wafi Gourmet Express, Cho Gao, a Heineken lounge and LOADS more, Dubai International Airport's culinary game is unparalleled. 

7. It even has its own McGettigan's!

Home-grown Irish pub, McGettigan's holds a special place in the hearts (and livers) of many Dubai residents, and it's a bonus that there's a McGettigan's housed within the Dubai Airport, so you can say a final Slainte before you depart. 

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8. The Emirates business class lounge is amazing

The fact that silver and gold Skywards members can use it means residents absolutely LOVE heading to the airport earlier. 

Even if you're flying economy, a visit to the Emirates Business Class Lounge will have you feeling like a baller - particularly with FREE COSTA COFFEE. 

Emirates Business Class Lounge

9. You can get massages at every turn 

Tired and aching from flying is a real pain, so it's SUCH a plus that not only does DXB have a gym, pool and amenities, it also has massage facilities! 

Who wouldn't want a massage before or after a long flight? 

Concourse D Hi Res 3252

10. It's in Dubai

The best city in the world. So, it makes sense it's the best airport, right?