Dubai Isn't Called 'The City Of Gold' For Nothing – Here's Why

All that glitters IS gold

Gold Shop

Ever wondered why Dubai is called the 'City of Gold'? Take a walk through the Gold Souk in Deira and you should get your answer. Dubai's first and oldest gold market is home to over 300 jewellery retailers. It is said that the market holds approximately 10 tons of gold at any given point. Plus, there's enough outside the Gold Souk to justify the title!


1. You can get a shoe made of gold

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2. It's OKAY wear that much gold on your neck

3. If that's not enough, you can get a dress in gold too

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4. Just in case ONE bangle isn't enough

5. And then you have the world's largest and heaviest ring sitting in this city

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6. Don't miss out that gold outfit

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7. And there's more variety for fashionistas

8. You're spoilt for choice

9. You don't need lights when you have so much gold on display

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10. And you can have flowers in gold too

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11. You can hang out at the Gold On 27 in Burj Al Arab

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12. Or buy gold from the ATM at Alantis The Palm

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13. You could use gold cutlery when dining at Armani Hotel

14. Try the gold cake at TWG

15. Or admire the Burj Khalifa made of gold

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