The Ultimate Dubai Etiquette Guide Every Resident Needs To Follow

10 rules to live by


Dubai's USP is that it's a multicultural city. And if your work space or residential block doesn't prove it, then let's throw in stats which state that expats account for almost 85% of the total population. This clearly means we all come with a set of beliefs, behaviours and ideas that might not go down too well with someone from another part of the world. Therefore, here's a guide to help each one settle in (better).

1. It is NOT okay to throw your rubbish around. They have dustbins around the city for a reason


2. You can wait for the next elevator...and if you really can't, then take the stairs 


3. There's no need to push and shove other commuters to get a seat on the metro. It's OKAY to stand sometimes

And on that note. Please let commuters OFF The Metro before you get on....cheers.


4. If your meal means so much to you, please enjoy it before you get on the road. We're all for safe driving


5. Out of courtesy to colleagues, use a language that everyone follows


6. Trust us when we say: other shoppers, commuters or colleagues are not interested in your convos. Lower your volume in enclosed areas


7. Ensure you're not blocking the entire path should you decide to stroll in the park, mall or even on the road


8. Staring is a NO-NO. Nobody appreciates you scanning them head to toe whatever the reason may be


9. This would be (slightly) acceptable if you were driving a truck, not otherwise my friend


10. However desperate you are for a parking space, you do not block someone else's car


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