5 Places You Can Get Fresh Christmas Trees In Dubai

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It's that time of year, where it's time to drag out the Christmas tree, the decorations and the Michael Buble tunes, and get into the festive spirit.

And sometimes it can be challenging to find a lovely fresh Christmas tree in the UAE - they're either sad little wilted numbers, or are extortionately priced.

But fear not, we've done the leg work and found five fab places to grab your fresh firs this December.

1. Satwa

These can be a little difficult to locate if you don't know where to go. BUT, it's easy to find once you know - it's on Al Hudaiba Road, and you'll see dozens of trucks, packed full of Christmas trees parked on the street.

Come ready to haggle - you'll get a bargain if you can.

Fraser Firs for the win!

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2. ChristmasTreesDubai.com

If you're more of the delivery inclination, Christmas Trees Dubai will sort you.

This company was founded by a Canadian that was sick of the quality of trees in the UAE, so decided to start importing them himself.

They get delivered December 8-10 - buy yours here.

3. Ace Hardware

Good old Ace - it's known for its plentiful plants and foliage, and it's got some cracker deals on trees.

You can get small, medium and large trees shipped in - and make sure to grab some of the kitsch baubles while you're there.

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4. Park N Shop

While they're not the biggest or best of the bunch, Park N Shop has 5-6ft trees for around 495 per piece, and stands for AED125.

Not too shabby!

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5. Spinneys

Dishing out fresh firs, straight from northern Europe, you can get your trees from Spinneys if you order by December 6 (Thursday).

Some are imported from Denmark.

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