Dubai Is More Than Ready For Ramadan To Start As Blessings Pour All Over Twitter

Ramadan Kareem to all!

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The Holy Month of Ramadan will commence tomorrow, but the word, and mainly, the people in Dubai are more than excited for it.

Ramadan is considered a favourite month for a lot of residents in the region, Muslim or otherwise probably because there's a peaceful stillness in the air that is incomparable to anything else.

Not to mention, the nostalgia and feeling of a close bond, family and charity- it's merely the time to recognise and be appreciative of all the blessings you have.

Dubai peeps are prepping in full form

Many blissful messages are being spread online


Ramadan brings everyone back to square one and reminds people to be observant of their attitude and actions

People want to rid themselves of anything negative

...right before the beginning of Ramadan.

...and beautiful greetings have taken place

This is adorable.

Have a blessed Ramadan Kareem

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