Dubai’s Startup Scene Is Thriving And This Is How You Can Discover It

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Declining oil prices might threaten economies in the region, but Dubai’s already working its plan. Its solution lies in establishing itself as the destination for tech startups. 

What works in its favour is its central location (think the number of people accessible in under four hours flight time), having the right infrastructure coupled with support from government and semi-government institutions and low costs of technology.

Startups create opportunities for everyone...

For entrepreneurs, it’s a challenge to create a brand that can shine. For venture capitalists, there’s money in the funding at different stages of the startups’ operations. And for job seekers, a job with a startup means learning from innovators, more responsibility and an experience that’s probably hard to match with corporates.

There’s a platform in the Middle East that connects all those interested in startups…

MAGNiTT brings everyone (we’re talking literally anyone from a possible employee to a mentor or someone who can fund your business) together on a single platform. The result: a winning scenario for startups because you get all the help setting up and attracting investment.

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5 Interesting Startups we’ve come across on MAGNiTT…

Designer 24

The Middle East launched designer dress rental company was born out of the need to meet the region’s high demand for dresses. Women can ditch the visits to malls and instead rent clothes online – think the opportunity to wear many more outfits for probably the same price you’d pay when you buy a single one. There’s nothing that should be stopping women really!

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El Grocer

You know you’re a Dubai child when a trip to do your grocery shopping is hard work. But guys like el Grocer save you the effort by offering you as many products to choose from and delivering them to you in less than 60 minutes. What’s even better? The pricing is just like the stores and delivery is free! It’s defo something every resident will rely on.

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BEEM or BEauty EMergency is an app that handles all your beauty needs by connecting you with the best salons in the region. Ditch those phone calls for hassle-free bookings made over the app thanks to its unique request and respond technology. It surely has the women sorted!

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The name pretty much sums up who they are and what they do. They’re your team of human, genuine and dedicated tech-support experts. Just the kind of people every individual needs in his / her life.

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Fruitful Day

This lot helps you manage your nutrient intake by getting the healthy and fresh stuff to you. All you need to do is select your favourite fruit and eat it! The hard work of bringing it to your desk or home is handled by the highly-efficient team.

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