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A Former Dubai Resident Created A Genius Site To Expertly Delete Your Ex From Your Pics

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A relationship ending is painful.

But do you want to know real pain? Having a whole stock footage of memories from your time together, that you simply can’t enjoy anymore, ‘cos they remind you of your pointless ex.

Until now.

Mark Rofe, an ex-Dubai resident created a website, and its already gone viral for its pure genius. The website will expertly delete your ex from your images, leaving you with a memory you actually want in your life.

Upload your photo, pay a small fee and in about 48 hours, you’ll have edited your ex from your life (digitally, anyway)

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Recently single? Know a friend who’s in the pits after a relationship turned sour? Divorced with years of memories sitting in your phone?

Edit My Ex has got choo; simply upload your image, leave a note with which person needs to be edited out and all your images will be instantly sharable again.

It’s only AED34 and you can all think of someone who could use this in their lives

This is THE gift to give a heartbroken friend

After presenting my friend with an ex-less image as a gift, I saw just how powerful the effect of removing an ex-partner from a favourite digital photograph could be.”

Creator of Edit my Ex – Mark Rofe

“Dubai Speeds Up The Process Of Love” – Here’s What Young Couples Think About Romance In Dubai

Lovin Dubai recently spoke to people about love in Dubai and many said it’s ‘the best place to be single’ … It’s no shock the creator of this site was once a Dubai resident.

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