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This Is What It’s Actually Like To Travel Business Class With Emirates

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“Ma’am, Business Class or Economy?”

“Erm, Business!”

Like many before me, I’ve flown through DXB millions of times (who’s counting), but this was the first time I noticed a taxi driver inquiring about my flight ticket on the journey to DXB.

Why was he asking? Because Business Class passengers have a totally SEPARATE entrance at DXB. Who knew?!

This was ALSO the first time I’ve ever flown business class, and to be honest, until now, I’ve been sceptical of the price tag.

But from a separate entrance, fast-track queues, a lounge that feels like a hotel and a flight experience that makes you want to do a 16-hour flight two times over (I kid you not),  I am 100% converted to that business class life (It’s a total luxury, but if you can try it once in your life, do it.)

The lounge feels like a fancy hotel

Check-in is a breeze, they roll out the red carpet at certain points and it feels as though there are staff simply waiting for YOU to check you in. You zip through a private security check (queues, what queues?) by-pass the concourse and make your way to the lounge.

Ahhhhh, the lounge.

I’ve been to airport lounges before, but never to the Emirates Business Class lounge. Well, ‘lounge’ is an understatement, in DXB, it’s an entire floor which sits above the regular concourse but feels like a world away.

It’s got all the practical things, like showers, a kids’ play area and ample seating, with plenty of more private areas and reclining chairs, if you’re inclined to snooze, but it’s the little luxuries that are stand out. With three separate dining and bar areas, there is no skimping here. It’s pure class.

The best bits? There’s no irritating airport intercom, so you feel like you’re in a ritzy hotel lobby, rather than an airport concourse, and in some cases, you enter your flight directly from the lounge. This is living.

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Your main objective is getting a good night sleep, AMIRIGHT?!

Rest assured your seat can go into transformer mode, it FULLY reclines and you’re provided with an actual mattress (!) to add a boost of comfort to your seat. So you’ve basically made yourself a bed. Well played Emirates, well played.

Your screen is a 20″ HD LCD screen and controlled by an iPad on your personal little nightstand, that also comes equipped with drinks, flight sockies, and a Bvlgari wash bag with all the extras you could possibly need to have you looking, feeling and smelling refreshed on the other side.

Whoever is behind the inflight dining experience deserves a raise

They’ve thought of e-v-ry-thingggg.

As the plane takes off you start your journey with champers or a drink from a cocktail list would rival any bar in town and warm nuts (it’s the little things, right?!) while you scope out a regional menu that’s changed regularly. With three courses, all served up on a white table cloth, it screams restaurant quality.

Emirates Business Class passengers have access to an in-flight bar (you dreamt it, they made it), the perfect spot for a mid-flight walk & stretch. It’s got flat-screen TVs, plenty of reading the material and don’t even get me started on the fully-fledged bar snack MENU, meaning you’ve got access to cakes, fresh fruit and hot bites throughout the whole flight too…

Emirates Business Class is a bucket list experience

It’s unlike any other flight experience and if you’re going to try Business Class anywhere, Emirates are best in class.

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