12 Pictures That Prove The Emirates Crew Have The Best Job (And Best Instagram Accounts) In The World


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Recently a post about the salaries of pilots and crew working for Emirates went viral. 

The tax free salary sounds very impressive, particularly to anyone not living in the UAE or tax free regions. But what is it actually like to work for the Dubai based airline?

While we considered this, we took a look at some of the hugely popular Emirates crew Instagram accounts. And while OF COURSE this is not be an accurate representation of the day-to-day job, from the looks of it, the perks of the job seem pretty good. 

Emirates staff travel all over the world

Visiting far flung destinations...

Sometimes even managing to nab the coveted first class or business class seats

Though their base and home is in Dubai

The staff always manage to look flawless (despite whatever hardship is thrown their way)

A huge perk allows staff to avail of discounts for family members

While other perks lead to some pretty incredible opportunities

This pilot had the chance to appear on the Ellen Degeneres show

Visiting different parts of the world is part of the day job

No part of the earth remains undiscovered by this globe-trotting crew

Their Instagram accounts are the envy of many

As a passenger, you can always expect service with a smile, from one of the world's best airlines

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