Everything You Need To Know If You're A Tourist Visiting Dubai

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As exciting as travel plans can be, they bring about a certain amount of stress. In addition to sorting out tickets, hotels and itineraries, there's other stuff you need to be mindful of. Those are the the do's and don'ts of the place you're visiting. Every city has rules and Dubai is no exception. For all those deciding to visit soon, here's your rulebook (note: it's not always the serious stuff, sometimes it's just the helpful bits of info).

1. While new Dubai gets all the attention, there's lots about old Dubai that's just as exciting. It houses several souks (markets) - gold, textile and even spice - and the museums.


2. Beware: cursing is an offence, as are rude gestures, and could land you in jail


3. Don't be surprised at seeing 'courtesy policy' stickers in malls and other spaces which emphasize proper dress code. Do not wear revealing clothes in public


4. Be careful who and what you photograph while out and about in the city. Taking photos of people without their permission is frowned upon and could get you in trouble (read: legal trouble)


5. Women in Dubai are given a lot of respect  so don't be surprised at seeing designated areas for them in metros, banks, government service departments and healthcare facilities 

Did you know that in 2014 the UAE ranked first in the world for treating women with respect?


6. Forget the fancy imports that have come to town. You can enjoy an equally delicious meal in one of the many smaller restaurants around town. Or even the drive-through style cafeterias. 


7. There will be certain areas in the city where you will be approached by (harmless) men who will ask you if you're interested in buying designer brands. Heads up: stay away from it, it's the fake stuff


8. We do not drink tap water here, therefore restaurants only offer bottled water. You can choose from stilled, sparkling, local or imported


9. There MIGHT be an instance where you get into a taxi and you're given a flat rate to your destination. Don't buy that (unless it's Uber) - ask for the meter to be switched on 


10. The all important bit of information: only licensed restaurants serve alcohol. These are usually located in hotels 


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