It's Taken Mobile Games To Get People Off Their Butts In Dubai

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Quite rightly, Pokémon GO has been the talk of the world this last week, ever since in was launched in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Despite it not being released in other regions yet, people here in the UAE have still managed to get their hands on it and of course it's generated quite a stir.

The general idea of the game is that it uses GPS to track your location and then provides a Pokémon overlay on your device so you can virtually see the Pokemon in your own environment. Freaky.

Feedback has been mixed 

Abu Dhabi officials released warnings advising those playing to be careful since reports of people bumping in to things and not paying attention to their surroundings came about.

On a positive note 

People have at least been getting off their sofa's. The game encourages people to leave their home and explore their local neighbourhood looking for new Pokémon. Finally an addictive game that gets people out and about rather than staying indoors. Hear hear, it's about time.

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