These Are Undoubtedly The Most Flamboyant Desserts You Can Stuff Yourself With This Summer

Doesn't get more colorful than this

Sugarmoo Peaches And Dream Min

The summer palette is all about bright colours. And if there's someone taking these bold shades very seriously, it is SugarMoo. The dessert haven has created a summer menu with refreshing treats that you just can't refuse. If you think we're joking, check it out for yourself.

Mango Tango (AED 180)

Dig into a soft vanilla sponge topped with mango and lime.

Sugar Moo Mango Tango Min

Bahama Pops (AED 120)

These vanilla cake pops, with their ocean-inspired design, are made for parties.

Sugarmoo Bahama Pops Min

Coco Cupookie (AED 25)

The Cupookie gets a summer twist. Think white chocolate chip cupookie filled with coconut pastry cream and topped with yummy berries.

Sugarmoo Coco Cupookie Min

Peaches and Dream Cheese Cake (AED 200)

What's better than a cheesecake? A rich creamy peach cheesecake topped with some more peaches and cream. 

Sugarmoo Peaches And Dream Min

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