The Four Books Every Expat In Dubai MUST Read

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Only In Dubai

Reading is good for reasons more than one.

It increases your knowledge, your vocab improves and you begin to write better among other things. But the one reason why we love it is because it reduces stress. Don't think so? Pick up one of these books and you'll know what we mean.

Revolving around life in Dubai, these reads are fun and on point with its descriptions. 

1. Kitty in the City

If you're a single girl in Dubai, this book is for you. Director of Dubai-based Jumbo group, Kiran Chhabria is author of this bold and witty read that has addressed issues in society that are generally taboo.


2. Hello Dubai

Author Joe Bennett's book is a quirky exploration of the city. You get an idea of the culture, life and history of the place through his observations. It is clearly one for those who have just moved here or would like to move here. 

Hello Dubai

3. My Fantastic Life in Dubai

Kyra Dupont Troubetzkoy and illustrator Celine Muslard give a funny account of the expat lifestyle through the daily routine of a Jumeirah Jane. The book is playful and light.

My Fantastic

4. Only in Dubai: An Essential Guide to the Emirate's Expats

Inspired by the diverse cultures in the city, Sophie Robehmed put together a book that throws light on the one-of-a-kind expats you meet in Dubai. By the end of it, you might be able to identify yourself in a particular category as well. Illustrations have been provided by Karim Al-Dahdah.

Only In Dubai

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