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Friday The 13th’s Full Moon Is Dawning Over The World And Dubai Residents Are Loving The Drama

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Today marks one of the most dreaded days for mankind… the day where werewolves are said to take shape and rip apart anyone in their sight. *Wolves howling somewhere in the background*
This Friday the 13th the world will see a full moon lighting up the night skies on this date for the first time after since 2006 and the next is predicted to take place 30 YEARS LATER in 2049!!
Dubai residents are FREAKING OUT and have taken it to social media to warn the rest of humanity of today’s luck at play…

For the first time in 13 years, a FULL MOON will occur on Friday the 13th. You have been warned (13… 13 coincidence? We think not)

Or sit in your backyard with your squad, howling into the moon – like wolves to freak out your neighbours… oh the decisions

Can someone alert the authorities about this already!! Can’t tell if issa joke or serious

Friday the 13th will go either black or white… there won’t be any grey today

The full moon taking place in today’s ominous date is also known as the harvest moon… and also ‘Tupac day’ the date that Tupac died 22 years ago

Sitting at home with a blindfold on, avoiding the outside world and chanting all-day today to ward off evil

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