This Is Easily The Funniest Viral Dubai Clip And Most People Here Haven't Even Seen It Yet

Salt Bae is not Dubai's only internet sensation....

With so much fuss surrounding Salt Bae you would be forgiven for forgetting all about the video below, it became an international internet sensation last year but it didn't create many headlines in Dubai. 

The video of a kid in hospital talking about Dubai being 'lit', walking all over Dubai and riding around camels is clearly out of character for the boy, while it looks like it was shot by his family who find the blabber hilarious:

'Dubai was liiittttttttttttttttttt'

Dubai has seen a couple of viral internet sensations...

Salt Bae has got to top our list as favourite home grown sensation and he's the internet meme gift that just keeps on giving. From meeting royalty to hobnobbing with the stars, it looks like his star just continues to rise. Below is the video that made him famous, watch out for that salt sprinkle

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He's so famous in fact, that people like Leo Di Caprio have come to dine at his Dubai restaurant: Nusr_et

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But a couple of more memes are doing the rounds this year, giving Salt Bae a little competition

This girl appeared on the American talk show Dr. Phil and became famous for her cocky attitude and famous for 'Catch me bout dat'

How Bout Dat

And of course the hilarious 'White Guy Blinking' gif...

The internet was quick to add captions to this one 

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