The Generosity Of These Anonymous Donors Will Make Your Heart Melt

Kindness comes in many forms


It's a hot summer day during Ramadan but some public kitchens (spaces that prepare traditional food primarily for takeaway) are bustling with activity. The reason being, they're preparing Iftar meals. We're talking massive quantities of food. This is why...

Anonymous donors place food orders during Ramadan so others can enjoy a FREE Iftar

The food is sent to mosques and labour camps. The most popular dish is biryani. This is often served with water, dates, fruit and juice.


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Orders can feed numbers ranging from 20 people upto 2,000 people

An order that feeds 20 people costs AED 170 per day. Many donors opt to pay a monthly rate and get food delivered to the mosques each day.


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While donors wish to remain anonymous, sources state that most of them are usually Emiratis 

Their aim is to ensure that others enjoy a decent Iftar as well. In Islam there's a belief that feeding a person at the end of their fast earns an individual spiritual rewards.


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Employees of the public kitchens confirm that orders keep increasing each year

Despite the economic situation at any given point, people remain large-hearted.


Pic credit: Gulf News

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