Our Top Nine Guest Etiquette Dilemmas

Advice to stop you getting thrown out of a friend's house

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We've all been there, you're at your mate's house and you really want to change the channel but she insists on watching 'The Weakest Link' but you're pretty much allergic to Anne Robinson... do you grab the remote and turn over while she's in the loo?

This is just one of the many times when you can't be quite sure of the etiquette you need to adhere to. From whether it's ok to root around in their fridge to whether you're allowed to mention that there's a funky smell lingering in the living room. We've assembled a list of the common guest etiquette dilemmas we've all experienced as well as some sound advice for when you find yourself in a similar fix.

1. How many minutes should you wait before it's acceptable to ask for the WIFI code?

Probably one of the biggest guest-based dilemmas us Instagram fiends come across. You don't want to offend your guest and have them think you'd rather stare at your phone... even though you would.

Our advice: Asking casually is : wait at least five minutes and then bring up that awesome pic you just saw on your feed: "oh whats your WIFI code, I'll show it to you". Easy does it.


2. How much flesh can you show?

En route from bedroom to shower, is it appropriate to wear just a towel or do you need to go fully clothed, clean pants and towel in hand? And then, do you have your shower and get changed in the (steam-filled) bathroom, reappearing fully clad once more?

Our advice: First two occasions, go fully dressed to the shower and bring a change of clothes. After that you don't even need the towel. Run wild friends!


3. To flush or not flush?

Quite a common pickle. It's 2am, you've already risked sneaking out of bed as quietly as you can, but now you don't know whether you should flush the loo or not, you might just wake up the whole house. Awks.

Our advice: Always flush, regardless of how loud the waterworks are. If you don't, well that's just filthy.


4. How soon after arrival can you ask for a cup of tea/coffee or just put the kettle on yourself?

If your friend hasn't offered you a cuppa immediately on arrival then they're not worth the effort in the first place.

Our advice: Be assertive and turn the kettle on yourself. And find better friends.


5. Do you tell them you're a vegetarian?

Yeah, you should have told them in advance but you didn't and now they've gone all out and treated you to a fillet steak.

Our advice: Eat the steak.

6. Do you mention the bad smell?

There's definitely a serious pong coming from behind the sofa...could it be a dead mouse? Ok, it's been ten minutes now and you can't hold your breath any longer. And how has your friend not noticed it?

Our advice: As soon as your mate pops out the room, pull out the sofa and find the smelly culprit. Failing that... feign a headache, get out and NEVER return.


7. Is it ok to help yourself to food?

Ever stay in someone's house and you're the only early bird? Ever starve yourself silly waiting for everyone to wake up so you can eat breakfast? Yup you're not the only one.

Our advice: Go on a rampage, eat what you want, where you want. You deserve it for being up so early. The best bit is if you quietly throw away any wrappers or wash up any dishes you've used, no one will even know you did it. Get yourself ready for breakfast number two.

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8. Can you change the air con setting?

Do you HAVE to keep the flat so cold?! #DubaiStruggles

Our advice: Keep your mouth shut and suffer in silence. And next time... bring a coat.


9. Is it ok to switch the TV channel?

Sitting bored out of your mind watching some documentary about gardens, that your mate insists is the 'new thing' everyone is into, when you know The Great British Bake Off final is on at the same time.

Our advice: Watch it on your phone... once you've asked for the WIFI

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