Hollywood Comes To The Desert

Magic in the sand


A magnificent "Hollywood" themed theme park is set to open it's gates in Jebel Ali this time next year and we're already counting down the months.

Motion gate Dubai have said that roller coasters, a "How To Train Your Dragon" ride,"Hotel Transylvania", and a massive waterslide are just some of the attractions we can get excited about!

“There’s a story to tell in every ride. When you pick a particular movie, it has to blend in with the rest of the park. Hence we’ve got the Lionsgate Zone that’s geared more to the teenagers and tweens, Sony has a darker feel, and then there are the more fun family rides with DreamWorks.”

Stanford Pinto, Chief Operating Officer for Dubai Parks and Resorts

DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures and Lions Gate are all working together and will have a theatre which seats about 1,000 people. We've been told to expect attractions from popular films such as Shrek, The Green Hornet, Zombieland and The Hunger Games.

“From the entrance, the main boulevard is themed like the executive offices of movie studios, with retail and food and beverage options. There will be a lot of street animation and shows, so you will never be alone in the park, you will always be next to a character in the streets.”

Guido Zucchi, General Manager for MotionGate

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