Holy Mother Of Milkshakes - This Famous New York Restaurant Is Coming To Dubai!

This place looks RIDICULOUS

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People of Dubai: guard your waistlines.

The Black Tap, the famed New York restaurant, is making it's way to Dubai and we couldn't be more excited. The restaurant, which is run by Michelin-starred chef Joe Isidori, has a cult following with customers who are known to queue for EIGHT hours to try one of their monstrous creations. We heard about the expansion during the summer but recent teasers on social media have us dying for more information.

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They're mixing it up...

Specialising in milkshakes AND craft burgers this will be a little different than it's New York sister. The Dubai version is called 'Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes;' the name is quite the mouthful...exactly what you'd expect from this spot. It's going to be located at the Al Naseem Hotel at Madinat Jumeirah. Get a load of these amazing pics...

Oh sweet CHEESUS

It's love at first sight for this one...

The shakes can be up to 1,600 calories!

Made with top quality ingredients, foodies can indulge in everything from their famed milkshakes to burgers and fries, iced desserts and some whopper breakfasts to rival the greats. They will cost between AED 35 and AED 70 and are a whopping 1,600 calories (pretend you didn't read that bit). Anyway, we feel the pictures do the talking so if you're still not convinced...

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Celebs are fans too

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Share with friends....

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Milkshake madness

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For any burger fiends....

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We can't wait to see the Dubai editiion

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Is this real life?!

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