16 Horribly Awkward Moments You'll Know If You Use Tinder In Dubai

Shout out to hitting no.16 and still being a single pringle

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Tinder...It's perfect really, you may not have time to go to the club or a bar, but you still have access to Dubai's dating scene at your fingertips. Swipe right if you like, swipe left if you don't. Simple. (Ask anyone you know, they'll probably have tried it) 

But, as with dating in 'real life', Tinder comes with it's own particular set of awkward moments; from choosing pictures, the difficulties of striking up a decent conversation, to the whole 'like' / 'super like' dilemma. Here are the absolute worst:

1. When you start a conversation but get no response

The 21st century mystery. Was it an accidental like? Or, on second glance, did they realise they're not interested?... We'd rather not know. 

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2. When you change your profile picture hoping to score some more matches...but still get none


3. When you wave at a familiar face in Barasti, but then realise you recognise them from Tinder

Happens to us all, right?


4. When you pay to update the app so you can expand the distance settings


5. When the conversation starts with 'how are you?' and you immediately know it will never work

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6. When you see someone you know...

Zac Efron Group Texting Tinder

7. When the only matches you get are from people who'll expect you to pay

Lads in particular; you know what we mean....

Ica Gif

8. When you realise you both have a different definition of the term 'netflix and chill'

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9. When you match with someone you've already matched with on Happn

It Happns(!). And it's only awkward because neither of you are brave enough to start a conversation

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10.  When you meet in real life and they look nothing like their profile pics


11. When (after way-too-much small talk and average one-liners) they mention they're only on Tinder to make new friends

Best Are You Kidding Me Gif 811

12. When a 'super-liking' spree reaps no matches


13. When you finally get a match and you're not beneath celebrating it in public


14. When you see your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend...

You Shouldnt Be Here Gif

15. When you've been swiping for so long, your thumb beings to cramp

Screenshot 2017 01 17 At 8 54 32 Pm

16. When you come to the end of the road

This is the worst of all

Screenshot 2017 01 17 At 8 51 44 Pm

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