How You Know You Eat Hipster In Dubai

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Flannel shirt, beat up cons, over sized sunnies and an old Nokia phone... Sound familiar?

If this is you then we've got a good idea of what type of eateries you probably hit in Dubai!

You prefer to get your food off a truck

Before 2014 food trucks were only available at alternative festivals. Now, trucks are the only way you like your food to travel.

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And you order 'pulled something' or 'deconstructed something else' from the food truck

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Your Grocery list:

Quinoa, Almonds, Almond Milk, Acai Berries, Blueberries, Kale, Avocado, Halloumi

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You think of yourself as a coffee connoisseur

And you only drink it black.

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You frequent cafe's that have either numerous bikes on the wall or plants everywhere.

Or both.

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You drink this tasty green stuff.

To kick start you week and detox from the weekend before.


You only order juice from a cafe if it comes in a jam jar and stripey straw

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You take pictures of everything you eat and post where you ate it

So that everyone knows you eat organic and hang out in cool kid only spots

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You only drink Red Wine

Always and regardless of what you're eating. It's an "acquired" taste after all.

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