9 Huda Beauty Instagram Posts That Are Guaranteed To Make You SNORT With Laughter

Because 27 million followers don't grow on trees

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Huda Kattan is the American Iraqi girl boss behind the Huda Beauty makeup line, along with her two sisters Mona and Alya.

But NOT ONLY is Huda a businesswoman and makeup queen extraordinaire...she also posts some of the best laugh-out-loud gram posts on the internet right now.

Despite her celeb IG status with a mind-boggling 27 million followers... Huda still just GETS us. Here are her top moments

9. When an emotional moment WILL NOT ruin your perfectly baked face

8. You'll only feel this pain when it's a brand new palette

7. Valid

6. Why can't we act normal around bae?

5. This happens EVERY time

4. Shout out to all the Insta boyfriends out there


2. An Instagram Vs reality photo shoot - living for this

1. Spot on girl!

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