If You Thought The Jet Man Video Was Unbelievable You Need To Watch How It Was Made!

Now that's a wing man to be proud of


In case you've been living under a rock today you may have missed Dubai going wild with the release of the most intense stunt we've seen this year.

The video was released by X Dubai, Jet Man (and Jet Man Junior!) and Emirates.

If you haven't seen it we really advise you to check out, how these jet packs kept speed and formation is just mind-boggling, we've re-watched it about five times at this stage and we still think it's flippin' unbelievable.

Now as an extra treat Emirates have released a making of. I don't know about you but hearing how this stuff works makes the whole thing even more incredible! If you liked the first video take a look at the one below. Not only will you see some more cool shots but you get a good idea of the work that went into making it.

And In Case You Missed The First One...

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