It's Nearly Beach Season - Here Are 5 Weird Ways To Get In Shape

Slimming down has never looked so strange.

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Instead of a boring 30-minute session on a treadmill - during which you inevitably find yourself staring at the wall, contemplating just how ridiculous the idea of working out was - why not start thinking outside the box?

Dubai offers a whole host of weird and wonderful fitness options, perfect for shedding those unwanted pounds before winter beach season. From swing yoga to trampolining, here are our wacky favourites (no, we didn't include hypnotism).

1. Aquabiking

Say "bye, bye!" to the traditional RPM class, and "hello!" to these awesome water bikes. Aquabiking is the latest addition to the Dubai fitness scene; a unique endurance workout combining the benefits of water aerobics and cycling. The resistance of the water helps you peddle your way through all those nasty calories, while also getting those glutes pumping. Most classes use specially designed water bikes inside a swimming pool. Where do we sign?

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2. Cryotherapy

Say freeze! This post-workout treatment is the easiest way to shed those extra kilos. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy exposure to a 5°C air current! Yes, you're going to freeze a bit, but don’t let that deter you. Cryotherapy works on boosting your metabolism by bringing your core temperature down; your body then responds by burning more calories to warm you up. The result becomes more visible with repeated exposure. Science, ey?!

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3. Swing yoga

How about losing weight without your feet touching the ground? With your body suspended in mid air by a silk hammock, the moves of swing (or aerial) yoga will have your muscles twisting and turning in every direction, until they're perfectly toned and beach-ready. We're can't confirm, but we're pretty sure this is how Tom Cruise prepared for his famous suspension scene in the original Mission Impossible movie.

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4. Bounce Fit

Yep, you can now literally bounce your way to a better body. Good old trampolines are taking the Dubai fitness scene by storm thanks to Bounce Middle East in Al Quoz; a converted warehouse fitted with dozens of trampolines. The buzzing indoor venue is a great place to get your cardio fix while listing to some banging tunes. This exercise is fantastic for toning abs. You can thank us later.

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5. Zuu

Can you outrun a Cheetah? Most definitely not, but you can copy some of its heart-pumping moves with the Zuu workout. If you haven't guessed, this fitness regime is inspired by the movements of wild animals. Be ready to deep squat like a frog, crawl on all fours like a bear and hop like a kangaroo. Seriously. Sure, there's a risk of looking slightly ridiculous while busting these moves, but the results make it worth it. What makes this routine my favourite is that it can easily be done at home.

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