What Might Jackie Chan Get Up To While He's Filming In Dubai

A few moves we'd like to see him do

Pretty sure everyone knows that King of Kung Fu Jackie Chan is in town. This is the first time he's filming in our city and we can't wait to see some stunts (for those of you who are late to the party, he does his own).

In the meantime we thought we'd put together a little Dubai Challenge for Chan, putting together some of his most insane stunts and where he could do them better here.

A quick run down the Burj Khalifa

Well maybe not.

shutterstock 255093013

Jackie doesn't like sharing his food

We'd be happy to challenge him to a chopstick match at Zuma perhaps! We like to think we're pretty nifty using them.

shutterstock 277478510

Think we could re-create this in Dubai Mall

In front of all the eager spectators

shutterstock 140466685

A visit to Skydive Dubai is in order

We'll do it if he does it with us. FACT.


Possible would be a bit harder to chase Lamborghini's up the Sheikh Zayed Road

especially in roller skates

shutterstock 285734705
shutterstock 124609282

Is jumping from one tower the next too much to ask?

Pretty sure he could do it

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