James Kingston climbs another skyscraper in Dubai

We had our hands over our eyes watching the whole thing...

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Check out this crazy video of James Kingston, adventurer and Youtube sensation climb a skyscraper on Sheikh Zayed Road. It appears that the building, next to Fraser Suites in the Internet City area, has been left derelict for some time or is still under construction. He says himself that it's his most dangerous climb to date!

"This building in Dubai is definitely the most dangerous place I've ever explored. Wobbly ladders, broken walls, missing fences & random holes in the floor. Still great fun though! The crane above it peaked at around 200m high & offered views towards the Marina & also Downtown."

James Kingston

Here's the building in question...

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And here's the video, if you can dare to watch...

Check it out:

and if you haven't seen the video from his last trip to Dubai here it is...

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