WATCH: James Kingston climbs the tallest residential building in Dubai

He loved us so much the last time that he's come back for more

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James Kingston is back in Dubai! The Youtube sensation/ adventurer is well known for frequenting our lovely Emirate in order to climb some of our awesome skyscrapers and judging by this video that he posted to his Youtube channel yesterday, he's come back for more!

The video shows Kingston climbing the Marina 101 tower which overlooks Dubai Marina and is currently still under construction. Once completed, the 426 meter-tall-buiding will be the tallest residential building in the world. According to the thrill-seeker, it took almost one and a half hours to reach the roof of the building and from there it took a further one hour of climbing the steps: 

 "It took me about an hour and a half to get to the roof of the building using the crane to get up the first 50 meters or so. It was then about an hour of stairs while trying not to die of dehydration. It was the warmest/driest building I've ever come across and I only had a small bottle of water with me."

James Kingston

Watch the video here:

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