Dubai Kids Are Incredible: Here Are The 5 Winning Ideas From This Year's Kidpreneur Awards

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Like Shark Tank, but for kids in the UAE, the KidPreneur Awards challenged 20 finalists to present their business ideas and what they came up with was amazing.

A day that brought together judges including Virgin Radio's Kris Fade and Careem co-founder Marnus Olsson, the finalists presented their ideas in front of the judges and a crowd.

And while adults might freak at the thoughts of presenting, these kids were amazing! Five business plans came out on top: Scroll down for the five stand out ideas

First place: Read_Swap_Repeat

The first place prize goes to Sean, an 11-year old environmentalist who founded #Read_Swap_Repeat in April 2017.

It's a community book sharing idea, giving life to old books while protecting more trees from being cut down. The idea encourages reading, sharing and preserving the environment.

Grand Prize Winner

Second place: disaster display

A genius water level indicator that stops floods with just a click thought up by teenagers Afia Shahid Shaikh (13) and Hurairah Muzammil (14).

Second Place Winner

Third place: The edubox

This idea uses fictional characters to make reading more fun for kids. Each month, kids receive a letter from a character asking them to pick a box, the boxes are related to school subjects and kids get fun monthly activities and story books all based on two characters, Jack and Charlotte. Karl Tchakmakian is the 13-year-old behind this education based idea.

Third Place Winner

Forth place: Sajini's Green Balcony

A veggie patch to grow, harvest and sell... 7-year-old Sajini Varadharajan suggested to grow green spinach, coriander, tomatoes, chillies and eggplant on his balcony and sell the organic harvest. And this can be done by anyone with a balcony!

Fourth place: KidCred

KidCred is a debit card which allows kids to order toys online and to use in stores. There's also an app which lets parents transfer money on to the card... and this genius idea was thought up by 10-year-old Emily Lindsay!

Fourth Place Winners

Shout out to BizWorld UAE for creating an opportunity for kids to present their business ideas: Dubai needs more fun and business focused kids events!

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