The Kris Fade Show Trio Are LIVING In A Glass House In MOE For FIVE Days

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Internationally, there have been some pretty crazy social experiments.

We've seen David Blaine, a magician hanging over a 22-inch wide pillar for 35 hours in New York City, we've seen a UK TV show called Shattered, which challenged contestants to go without sleep for seven days, but rarely in Dubai have we seen something quiet on this level.

Right now, bang in the middle of Mall of the Emirates you'll see a literal glass house and within it are the Kris Fade Show team; Kris Fade, Big Rossi and Priti Malik who are all living in plain view for five days... they're allowed five toilet breaks per day, and that's it!

Will they last five FULL days?

"Seven hours in, 100+ hours to go, I think we're all regretting it"

But it's two days in and they're still going strong

In a post 22 hours ago Kris Fade said "I'm done" but they're still going strong. Hordes of people are turning up to watch the radio stars in action and you get the feeling from the following video that it's almost a zoo-like feeling. With people simply staring in...

People are literally just turning up and taking pics

Screenshot 2019 04 22 15 33 31

Watching Kris Fade take a shave...

Screenshot 2019 04 22 15 33 41

The set up is pretty epic

Even nap time is in public

Screenshot 2019 04 22 15 34 18

There are daily bets, hence the bald man suit

The team will hopefully make it to Thursday at 7pm

When they're giving away AED50,000k to the person who guesses the pin code to get them out!

Keep an eye out on the Kris Fade Show 'gram account, for regular updates

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