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Here’s What AED35,000 A NIGHT Will Get You In Dubai Marina

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Mmmm kayyyy, so THIS is what luxe Dubai Marina living looks like.

AED35,000 is a bucketload of cash.

In anyone’s book.

And if you’re spending AED35,000 a NIGHT to rent a place, you’re gonna be expecting big things.

So, does this famous Marina 23 apartment stand up?

Well, it’s palatial, 390 metres above the ground and takes up three floors all on its own and it’s one of Dubai Marina’s most famous rentals.

Here’s what AED35,000 a night gets you in Dubai Marina

Marina 23 is an 88 story, residential skyscraper that’s the epitome of luxury

And The Penthouse, Marina 23 would fit right in in New York. But hey, we’re here in Dubai and these types of mega-terrace, sickeningly good view style apartments are made for this city.

It’s an octagonal shape and it’s got 360-degree views for DAYS

White marble floors throughout, full-length windows in EVERY room, and depsite the hefty price tag, the sensational views come for free. See, VALUE.

Plus, along with the fab spiral staircase, there’s a lift too, for when you’re feeling drained.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, in-built jacuzzi, gym, fireplace, PLUNGE POOL… This is real estate DREAMZZ

And a tree. That’s so beautiful you might cry… Bang in the middle of your living room

Watch the video. Take screenshots and stick them up beside your bed. This is 2020 motivation you need

*Available to house sit


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