9 Of The Weirdest Things You'll See At A Dubai Nightclub

Takes more than the odd dance podium to impress us these days

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"Is Dubai conservative?"

"Can you even drink there?" 

Just some of the questions you'll spend your life answering from family and friends back home. We don't know about you but with so many amazing brunch and club options, we probably (definitely) go out MORE here than we would do at home. Anyone else the same?!

Anyway, we already know Dubai has a tendency to be over-the-top and excessive in a lot of ways and when it comes to the clubs here it's no different. From kids games, and face paints to body contortionists and 'freak shows,' pretty much anything goes. We've seen some pretty crazy things at the clubs here...proof Dubai always goes that one step further than anywhere else. Here are some of the most outrageous...

1. A monkey pouring drinks

Okay the monkey is a costume with a person inside, but after a couple of drinks this can look VERY authentic. 

Inside: Cirque Le Soir

2. A guy with some serious bubble making skills

You might see this kind of thing at an arts fair, a park, or even the side of the street, but who expects to see this kind of thing inside a top club?

Inside: The Act

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3. A club with an ice-bar INSIDE

So a bar made of ice, within a normal bar that's not made of ice. Seems unnecessary...we love it. 

Inside: Cavalli Club

4. Some pretty incredible body contortionists

These shows should come with a 'do not try this at home warning'. Because no doubt these performers make it look super easy...so anyone who's had a few too many might be stupid enough to try these moves later from a lamp-post or something. 

Inside: The Act

5. Very tall and small people serving drinks and generally being good hosts

Inside: Cirque Le Soir

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6. Expensive bottles being served with sparklers

This is actually pretty standard at clubs here and in many other countries. If you order an expensive bottle of something, clubs will serve the bottle with sparklers, which basically means everyone will know you ordered an expensive bottle of something. Super fun or a bit too flashy? We'll leave that up to you. 

Inside: Boudoir

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Inside: Cavalli Club

7. You might even see an adult-sized ball pit, (yep bare with us...we're still talking about clubs!)

Nope this isn't for the kiddies to play in in so you can have a drink in peace...this is a full adult-sized ball pit for YOU to play in. We literally can't think of anything more amazing right now. 

Inside: Cirque Le Soir

8. A bear who loves to rave

This is Frank and he loves to hang out at one of the hip (aren't they all?) clubs in Dubai. He also loves a selfie (although you might have to take it...his thumbs aren't up to much use).

Inside: Toy Room

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9. Outrageously priced cocktails

This particular cocktail pictured will set you back about AED 1500 at Mahiki...and while that might seem steep, the most expensive cocktail on the menu, the Sea Pearl which is made up of Pampero Blanco, fresh raspberries, Mahiki Coconut, guava juice and topped with some Moët Rosé costs AED 2750. Is it worth the hefty price tag? Probably not, but we sure wouldn't mind trying it to find out. 

Inside: Mahiki

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