Move Over MoE, The Meyden Ski Slope Will Be Here Soon!

And we thought Dubai couldn't get any better...

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We didn't even think it possible but Dubai is set to get even better with the arrival (hopefully by 2020) of the worlds biggest ski slope by Meydan. Measuring a shocking 1.2 Km long it will out-lengthen the current record holder, the Alpin Centre, which is located in Germany and only measures a 640M long.

Now we know you're probably thinking that we already have a ski slope, what's so good about this one? Well let us tell you...our current ski slope in MoE currently only caters for amateur skiiers. This new mega-ski slope will appeal to Skiiers of a professional standard too and will attract tourists and thrill seeking fanatics from all over the globe.

It gets even better: Occupied at the base of the slope will be the Meydan One Arena which will hold a staggering 8000 spectators and will host sporting events, live concerts and theatrical shows.

“We estimate the project to cost between Dh25bn and Dh30bn as we aim to deliver the first phase of the master plan by 2020.”

Mohammad Al Khayat, Vice-President – Commercial and Free Zone, Meydan Group

Courtesy of Meydan City Corporation

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