6 Reasons Why People Actually Want It To Rain In Dubai Today

Nowhere else would people hope for rain


That sky! It's milky white and visibility on the roads is shocking today...if we weren't bang in the middle of the desert you'd be forgiven for thinking we're lost somewhere high up in the alps. Here are six reasons why we need it to pour today:

1. You cancelled your Friday plans

Dubai gets about one huge downpour a year and it really looked like it was going to be this week. Nobody wants to be stuck on a boat party or enjoying an al fresco lunch/brunch in that weather.


2. You can't justify a day in bed watching Netflix when it's not actually raining

You COULD get active at the beach / park today. It's not raining (yet) so you really have no excuse.

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3. Duvet days are ten times better when the weather is really miserable

It's windy, but the cosy feels would be all the more special if there were a few raindrops outside


4. The weather is HUMID and a little rain would cool us all right down

It's too hot and a nice big shower is necessary to clear the air

Giphy 2

5. The parks need a little natural irrigation

Those hard-working sprinklers need a day off

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6. Rain is so rare here, we actually wouldn't mind getting stuck in a shower 


Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.