These Netflix Shows Are Perfect For Those Who Plan To Spend Eid With Their Sofa

The ideal date night

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If the couch is where you intend to spend the next five days then let's give you reason to believe you've made a smart choice - Netflix.

The world's leading Internet television network has some new shows on and this just might be the right time to watch them.

1. Narcos

Kingpin Pablo Escobar is on the run and Colombian authorities are chasing him in season two of the infamous gangster drama series.

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2. The Get Down

Follow the lives of teenagers running wild in the streets of The Bronx chasing dreams and beats in this musical drama set in the '70s.

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3. Chef's Table

Each episode of this documentary takes you through the lives and kitchens of visionary chefs. The result: perhaps inspiration for your own culinary journey.

4. The Blacklist

One of America's greatest crime thrillers revolves around a FBI profiler who has her life uprooted when a mysterious criminal turns himself in and insists on speaking only to her.

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5. Stranger Things

A mother and a police chief must confront a series of extraordinary mysteries - secret government experiments and supernatural forces - in their search to get her missing boy back.

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