These New Desserts Have Just Arrived On The Dubai Summer Food Scene

Bring on the sugar rush

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There are days you want something indulgent and then there are days you want something ridiculously indulgently. Something so good that you're willing to forget the calorie counter, you don your drawstring trousers and refuse to share a portion. Enter Shake Shack (Mall of the Emirates) and PI.Dubai (The Dubai Mall). They have you covered this summer.

Shake Shack (04 419 0510) has launched its new Cheesecake Concretes. It's their signature frozen treats blended with cheesecake flavours

There's the Double Chocolate Cheesecake - think chocolate frozen, Shack fudge sauce, cheesecake and Valrhona pearls

160324 Shake Shack 031

The Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl has vanilla custard, strawberry puree, cheesecake and rainbow sprinkles

160324 Shake Shack 059

And for those who like caramel, they have the Caramel Cheesecake Crunch. Imagine caramel sauce with cheesecake, chocolate toffee and vanilla frozen custard

160324 Shake Shack 030

On the other hand, PI.Dubai (04 447 1757)  have introduced homemade ice-cream (AED 25). And its made with whole milk and real cream

Pi Dubai Ice Cream

Chunks of homemade chocolate chip cookie crumble are blended with ice-cream in the Cookies and Cream one

Pi Dubai Cookies And Cream

The Pistachio Dark Chocolate Chip is made with creamy homemade pistachio butter

Pi Dubai Pistachio3

And the Chocolate Brownie is any choco addict's delight. It's chocolate ice-cream with homemade triple chocolate brownies

Pi Dubai Chocolate And Brownies

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