Review: The perfect New Year's Eve for meat-lovers

Ramada Plaza’s Fogueira restaurant is a BBQ paradise


There are three reasons why you wouldn’t want to eat here, either you suffer from vegetarianism, vertigo or gout. No? Perfect. Then I highly recommend you head as quickly as the Marina traffic will allow to the Ramada Plaza’s Fogueira restaurant.

Fogueira bills itself as ‘Dubai’s first Brazilian Churrascaria, offering all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ with endless meat cuts served straight to your table’. Awesome. I was invited for a New Years Eve dry run (that was anything but dry, thanks to the constant replenishing of our drinks from their lovely staff) to sample the food, music and atmosphere they’re offering to ring in 2016. Feeling a little strange on a mid-November evening, a few glasses of bubbles quickly helped me get into the spirit, complete with streamers, party hats and rattles.

First impressions of the entertainment were slightly concerning. A musical duo, dressed to impress, were timidly straining through an ill-fitting version of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’. Thankfully this wasn’t a precursor to the rest of their set, as they happily went on to what seemed more familiar territory, rattling through well-received medleys of hip-shaking Latino grooves. This was more like it.

“Yeah yeah. Get to the meat!” I hear you roar. Patience my friends.

For the first course, I was beckoned begrudgingly towards what looked suspiciously like a salad bar. I was here for the meat not veg, but actually, there are many things to appeal to you here: not just salads, but hot Brazilian tempters too. Take your pick from freshly baked bread, cheeses, polenta, farofa, cold cuts of meat, pasta, black beans, rice, chicken lasagna (amazing), and more. But pile it high at your peril - you have been warned: the meat, people, remember the meat!

Finally it was time for the main event: 15 cuts of meat, in unlimited quantities, lovingly cooked by the Brazilian chefs and carved at your table straight from the skewer. Chicken, lamb and beef with sticky, juicy, succulent marinades. Think chops, medallions, rib eye, wings and tenderloin. It’s wave upon wave of different and delicious meats arriving from every direction. I think I may have experienced some meat-induced delirium but I’m fairly sure I managed 14 of the 15 rounds before it was a knockout. As I sprawled, beached in my chair, two not unattractive Brazilian samba dancers, shaking their tail feathers, came in to liven up the atmosphere, although all attempts to have me join in the twerking were wholly unsuccessful.

Based on the 35th floor, Fogueira is in prime fireworks viewing position for the Palm and the Marina. So, coupled with the Brazilian party atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed if you choose this as the place to start breaking your New Year’s resolutions. However, the food, staff and atmosphere, make Fogueira worth the trip, no matter what the date.

The details:

REGULAR SEATING - AED 1,350 per person with unlimited signature Brazilian drinks (caipirinha, caipiroska, mojito) and house beverages

PREMIUM SEATING - AED 1,600 per person with unlimited signature Brazilian drinks (caipirinha, caipiroska, mojito) and house beverages. (Palm Jumeirah view along with a bottle of sparkling for two)

Timing: 31 December 2015, from 7:30pm to 2:00am

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All photos by Phil Seaton

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Phil Seaton