Now Netflix is available in the UAE...what should you watch?

Broke, lazy and sick of drink? Perfect conditions for a film fest

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You've spent a tonne of cash over Christmas and New Year, drank and eaten far too much, and you just wanna curl up at home and vegetate on this first proper weekend of the year. Lucky then, that Netflix went global this week and is now available in the UAE.

Of course, it's near on impossible to see exactly what films are on offer unless you actually sign up...the good news is there's a month's free trial. We hear not all of the ones on US or UK Netflix have made the cut, no 'Orange is the New Black' for us...for obvious reasons we guess (not heard of it? Google it).

Well here's our choice of what you should watch...if they're on there!

1. Something you (probably) haven't seen yet – Slow West

This cowboy flick stars Irish ledgebag Michael Fassbender as an outlaw who agrees to chaperone a young man (Kodi Smit-McPhee) across the Wild West as he searches for his lost love. 

2. Something you (probably) haven't seen in ages – Ferris Bueller's Day Off

One of the all time great '80s movies that's always perfect for a re-watch, preferably with company. When Monday comes around and we're all facing going back to work, we could all use a friend like Ferris to cajole us into pulling a sickie.

3. An easy watch – Avengers Assemble

Written and directed by the guy who made Buffy The Vampire Slayer and one of the highest grossing movies of all time, it's fair to say that the first Avengers movie was a decent auld romp. Any movie that boasts Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson is always gonna be a crowd-pleaser in fairness.

4. Something hilarious – 30 Minutes Or Less

One that many might have missed, but well worth a watch.Jesse Eisenberg stars as a pizza delivery guy who finds himself strapped with a bomb and forced to rob a bank before the timer runs out, and enlists the help of his best friend (Aziz Ansari) to pull off the heist.The way the plot sounds, it might surprise you that this is actually a comedy. You'd probably be even more surprised to discover it was inspired by true events. And if you are an Aziz Ansari fan like us – we do know for certain his new series 'Master of None' is available on Netflix in the UAE.

5. A horror movie – The Babadook

If you're in the mood to be creeped out, this is just the thing. The Australian film sees a single mother struggling with her demanding child. As the little boy's ravings about an imaginary creature called the Babadook start to get out of hand, stuff starts to get seriously weird in the house...

6. A series to binge-watch – Making A Murderer

Everyone's raving about this show at the moment and we know that this one will be available here in the UAE. It's a 10-part documentary series following the conviction and incarceration of a man for 18 years, based upon little to no evidence. It offers a terrifying glimpse into the US justice system and leaves you questioning whether or not this man actually committed the crime he was accused of.

7. A gripping thriller – The Guest

If you liked Drive with Ryan Gosling, this has a similar vibe: it's all very cool, with a stellar soundtrack. 
The story begins with a soldier (Dan Stevens) as he introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. The polite young man is invited into the family's home, where he starts to make life better for all involved. But, of course, it turns out there's more to 'The Guest' (oh now I get it!) than meets the eye...

Written By

Seán Kenehan