I’ve Lived Without A Wallet Or Bank Card For A Month And Actually Been Okay

Dubai is getting REAL nifty

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Okay, so I’m an absolute idiot, who managed to lose my wallet during a long run a month ago. It was at Wadi Bih, which is a relay race where you’re getting in and out of a car, opening and closing the boot of the car, and generally losing track of your possessions.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d lost it, or left it at home, or in my pal’s car or what. So I didn’t bother cancelling my cards just yet – I was sure it would turn up.

And so I have been living a cash-free life

It actually surprised me, how easy it is to do. I was dreading it – and there were some times it was a struggle, but for the most part, it was easy.

Here’s what I learned

A lot more places have card machines that we realise.

Seriously, far more taxis now have card payment – it’s rare that there’s one that doesn’t accept card. Apps have also been saving me, Careem of course, has been super handy for transport.

I use an iPhone, and so Apple Pay became my saviour, I have been genuinely been surprised at the omnipresence of the payment platform.

Even when my car battery went flat, and I had to call out a man for a new one, the guy quickly checked and replaced the battery, and accepted Apple Pay. Easy! (Shout-out to 800 Battery).

It’s possible

It’s not ideal, living without your wallet, but it can be done. It’s just the services that are lacking – the likes of car washing, house cleaner and the like, that I couldn’t pay. The rest, was easy.