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Nowhere Does Christmas Quite Like The UAE

It's a funny thing living in Dubai at Christmas - explaining to the non-Dubaians about 'yes we celebrate Christmas' and 'yes, it's a Muslim country' and 'no, it's not a public holiday' but 'yes, it's still festive'.

It's not quite the snowy, Christmas-jumper wearing family time that everyone expects a la Hollywood movies, but Dubai's Christmases are special for a different reason.

While many of us are away from family - your pals become your family

No-one ends up alone on Christmas (I hope!), because we all come together to share the happiness together. It's more open here, than other places.

When you're in Dubai, your friends become your family, and the Christmas celebrations literally are 'more the merrier' because everyone knows what it feels like to be without your family on Christmas Day.

Added to that, the cross-cultural festive cheer

It's a shared excitement, nationalities all getting together to celebrate, buy trees, visit Santa at the malls, and head out for a Christmas dinner.

Your taxi driver may not celebrate Christmas, but he'll still wish you one! People give gifts for each other, just in the spirit of the season, it's pretty dang special.

Khalid Al Ameri shared a video last year, of the spirit of a UAE Christmas

Dubai, and the UAE, goes to lengths to make sure every culture is welcomed

There are the plentiful festive markets, malls are adorned with decorations, and many companies give their employees the day off too.

The city still hums with festive cheer, and it's a special way to celebrate.

So regardless of your religion, culture, beliefs: HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May your 2019 be blessed.

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