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Stop Driving Like Lunatics In The Crazy Weather

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With the dust and winds, and hazy conditions, so too comes the absolutely mental driving on Dubai roads – with people cutting each other off, speeding up to get out of the weather and an increase in accidents. 

And it needs to stop. 

Drivers need to be better educated and drive safely in extreme conditions – not drive erratically and end up in accidents. 

Low visibility reduces reaction time

So you shouldn’t be weaving in and out of cars, tailgating and driving like crazy to get out of the weather. Instead, reduce your speed and make sure you’re aware of your surroundings – there’s a reason accidents increase during low-visibility conditions.

 And it’s largely to do with people not driving carefully. 

Drive safely in extreme weather conditions 

  • Stop tailgating – it reduces your time to respond to a hazard
  • Drop your speed by 10kph – this will give you more time to react too
  • Don’t duck and weave across lanes – this will distract other drivers 
  • Turn your headlights on – to give other cars better awareness of your position
  • Don’t be an idiot – drive carefully and be aware of your surroundings, and don’t make stupid decisions 

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