Dubai Beaches Have Been Heralded As Some Of The Cleanest In The World But It's No Thanks To Some Residents

Residents now need to step up to help preserve the cleanliness

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Dubai has been awarded several Blue Flags recently, an accolade for beaches and marinas with exceptional water quality, safety and environmental education and management.

But it's not thanks to many residents who seem to use the beaches in this city as their own personal trash can.

Dubai has many beautiful beaches, with calm waves, clean shores and pollution free waters, but it's up to residents to keep it that way.

Many times I've been at the beach, and people have left their trash in the sand, despite the availability of bins - a completely disgusting act that jeopardises the cleanliness of the beaches for everyone.

Thankfully, there are staff on duty to clean up the sands, but it shouldn't have to be the case that paid personnel are required to pick up someone else's garbage. It's easy enough, just to take your trash with you.

After all, you are there to enjoy the natural facilities, so the least people could do is respect that.

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One Friday morning, I was even swimming at one of the public beaches, only to be hit with a wave of cigarette smoke - there was a group of men smoking WHILE SWIMMING in the water.

It was gross, but the icing on the cake, the group dropped their cigarette butts into the ocean when they were done.

It's everyone's responsibility to keep our beaches clean - ESPECIALLY you.