Baggage Allowance Decreased: But I'd Still Choose Emirates Over Any Airline In The World

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Yesterday, the news dropped that Emirates is decreasing baggage allowance for certain ticket holders.

Economy ticket travellers in the 'Special' and 'Saver' ticket categories will see a reduced baggage allowance from February 4.

The 'saver' tickets are the cheapest ticket option, (and judging by the comments, the most popular) and anyone who purchases the 'saver' ticket after February 4 will have their baggage allowance reduced from 30kg to 25kg.

The news spread like wild fire through Dubai yesterday evening, people were quick to comment their upset

I was astounded by the sheer volume of negative comments on the article. I know price and value are important when travelling, but never knew how particularly strong people felt regarding the baggage allowance, particularity when travelling with a premium airline.

There was a serious amount of negativity thrown at the airline offset by some people who suggested the updates could lead to a decrease in ticket price

Many people insist they choose Emirates due to the generous baggage allowance

However it's worth nothing that 25kg is STILL above international standards

The Etihad economy ticket allows 23kg baggage allowance, Virgin Australia economy allows 23kg while Qantas allows 30kg.

Emirates is a home-grown Dubai based airline

The airline earns awards year in, year out for exceptional service, entertainment and comfort. Many of us travel long distances with Emirates so while that extra 5kg might be important when you're lugging presents home to your family, personally I still rather fly with Emirates over other airlines by a long shot.

Give me an Emirates meal, one of those flight-prep packs, a cosy blanket, teddies for the little ones and an ICE TV system over any other airline in the world, regardless of the 5kg. Please and thanks.

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