I Do Care About Supporting Local Business But I'm Far Too Lazy To Order Food Direct

And I suspect many residents are...

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Following several interviews with local restauranteurs - it's clear that delivery apps are not the ideal system for these businesses.

With apps taking around 30% of revenue of each order placed, businesses are feeling the pinch of the rev-share- with Tom & Serg founder, Tom Arnel and Freedom Pizza owner, Ian Ohan both making fair statements on the matter.

The apps get a fair portion of the money, considering all they're doing in most cases, is placing the order, and leaving the businesses with the expenses of rent, staffing, cooking the food and all the like.

Which is why many of these businesses have called for users to order directly from restaurants, rather than through the likes of Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Talabat and Zomato.

And I do want to support local businesses, and start-ups. Lovin Dubai is part of a startup company, so believe me, I get it.

We at Lovin, love supporting locally-owned ventures, we're fans of all the smaller businesses and the big ones that were born in the UAE.

But, my main issue with migrating off delivery apps is that I'm lazy - I admit it

And I loathe talking on the phone.

I just refuse outright, to ring a place to order food. If I can avoid speaking on the phone, I will at all costs.

It's also that I live in a confusing location - my building has several with similar names, so verbally explaining it is always painful and has often resulted in delivery drivers presenting at the wrong tower.

Also, I never have cash - so I appreciate the ease of not worrying about change or having enough money on me.

At times, I admit, I'm too lazy to even create a new account on another website or app.

With apps, it's a location pin drop, I don't have to speak to anyone, I don't have to find my wallet - it's all too easy for a lazy millennial like me.

So I'm sorry guys, but I think I'll stick with my Deliveroo account for now.