OPINION: SoleDXB Lacked Soul

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Pictures from SoleDXB looked incredible this year.

There were probably more feeds updates and Instagram stories shared from the event than ever before, but a Facebook comment from a disappointed resident, who's loved the festival from the beginning resonated with a lot of people.

The internet loves SoleDXB, but has it lost its charm?

Originally SoleDXB - the annual D3 festival devoted to all things, culture, lifestyle, music and fashion - was a hip underground festival for people who loved sneakers and street-style

Starting its life in Al Quoz as an urban fashion festival solely for cool sneakers - the homegrown festival has seen amazing growth

From a one-gallery event in Al Quoz to a weekend long music and fashion festival - the region's top influencers flock and not only do big brands like Puma, Reebok, Nike and adidas appear side-by-side, they also compete year-on-year with more seriously slick pop-ups.

There are DJ sets, sneaker swaps and a basketball tournament, there are also VIP and private areas by the dozen, streetwear brands and French fashion houses.

Luxury brand Dior made an appearance and Gucci invited 'fluencers from other parts of the world to join their private party

Tickets this year were AED200, but one resident noted that your entry doesn't give you as much access as you might hope

"Basically you pay 200 at the door and then go in to find every place is either guest list or invite only. Don't forget where you came from guys, we loved this event as it allowed us to express our passion to urban fashion and art in an all-inclusive environment, and don't turn into a Dubai nightlife scene where money and pretentiousness control everything! Cheers Guys, Looking forward for the next event'.

'Utterly disappointed by what SoleDXB has turned into'

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The reaction was a mixed bag

This weekend, Instagram was flooded with pics from Sole, so if the internet is anything to go by, the event was a success. But reports show people were less impressed this year, with another netizen stating '100% or fashion statements from brands that should not be associated with music and hip hop and sneakers! So sad'

There was a serious music line-up this year with Giggs, Nas and many more flying in for the event

There's no other festival like SoleDXB in Dubai

Events have street-cred when they're underground. Too mainstream and they lose their appeal.

SoleDXB has done an incredible job to get to where it is, I just hope it hasn't lost its charm.

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